Billing Process & Payment Option

If you have health insurance, our insurance department will coordinate with your insurance provider and send claims to the insurance company and directly to you, if preferred.

If you do not have insurance, upon completion of all visits, please inquire at the International Department to review charges that are posted and get an estimate of the services that have not yet been entered into the billing record.

Our staff can answer any questions you have about charges, payments and other items.

You are expected to pay your account in full at the end of your visit.

We Accept:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Nepalese Currency
  • Direct deposit

We Do Medico-Heli Rescue

Era Health Centre has an excellent team on standby for emergency response. We closely coordinate with several hospitals for immediate attention to critical cases. We have a standard operating procedure to ensure timely search and rescue operations. We also have an excellent network in all regions where we work to expedite the process.

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